Piero Umiliani: Fischiando in Beat (Vinyl LP)

Piero Umiliani: Fischiando in Beat (Vinyl LP)


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Originally released in 1969, Fischiando in beat presents twelve gems of instrumental beat music, fabulous specimen of that music genre often labeled with the much-abused term 'lounge' - or 'easy listening', if you prefer. Forget about the experimental Synthi Time: here you can only breathe an incredible desire for fun and dream of the late 60s, Rome and it's exclusive cocktail party. Fischiando in Beat, Il Motivetto Delle 10.30, Corro Da Te, Autostop Per Rio, Yes O.K, Marranzano Boogie, La Strada Del Sole, Ti Piace New-York?, Samba Mah-Nà, Sono Un Nostalgico, Tokio Blues, Go Go Go