Band of Spice: Economic Dancers (Vinyl LP)

Band of Spice: Economic Dancers (Vinyl LP)

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Legendary Swedish singer/songwriter Spice (Spiritual Beggars, Kayser) returns with a new, exciting album. Here is how Spice himself commented: When I wrote these songs I was listening a lot of music from the end of the Seventies and the early Eighties. As we recorded them, the songs came out quite smooth, organic and melodic, with a touch of dirt I would say. This time, instead of renting a studio to record the album, as we did with the previous albums, we decided to build our own studio. We felt that we needed the time to get it right. We didn't want to rush it. We wanted to fill the songs with just the right amount of warmth, love and justice. The lyrical concept is about abuse, hope, hopelessness, weakness and strength. To try to live life without safety nets and still be able to stay sane. I hope you will enjoy it.. 'Economic Dancers' is the confirmed title for the album, and Band of Spice is how these five amazing musicians like to call themselves. Economic Dancer 03:14, True Will 03:42, On the Run 03:24, Intro - the Joe 00:50, The Joe 03:16, You Will Call 06:30, You Can't Stop 02:20, Fly Away 03:10, In My Blood 02:52, Down By the Liquor Store 03:24, You Know My Name 03:52