Nu Sensae: Sundowning (Vinyl LP)

Nu Sensae: Sundowning (Vinyl LP)

Suicide Squeeze

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Vinyl LP pressing. Nu Sensae has taken big risks with even bigger payoffs on this release. Proving just how unpredictable they can be, they abandoned their status as a duo a favourite angle of both the media and fans and recruited Vancouver noise rock great Brody McKnight as a full-time member. Previously working with the now-legendary group Mutators, McKnight has added another dimension of heaviness to the band's already mind-melting sludge attack. Los Angeles, I Heard Ramona Sing, Hang on to Your Ego, Fu Manchu, Places Named After Numbers, Czar, Old Black Dawning, Ten Percenter, Brackish Boy, Two Spaces, Tossed [Instrumental], Parry the Wind High Low, Adda Lee, Every Time I Go Around Here, Don't Ya Rile 'Em