With the Dead: With the Dead (Vinyl LP)

With the Dead: With the Dead (Vinyl LP)

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Limited 180 gram colored vinyl LP pressing, comes in laminated flipback sleeve with lyric insert. With The Dead rides roughshod all the weak sounds of it's contemporaries. With it's mid-song breakdown and Fuck you! clarion call The Cross oozes tar-black malevolence and by the closing, crashing chords of Screams From My Own Grave, a song of horror that unravels at it's own torturous pace, any listener will be left battered on the floor, bludgeoned into submission by With The Dead's musical brutality. Here each song is an epic, With The Dead saying more in six or seven minutes than some bands can muster in their entire careers. Check out the sneering, sardonic Living With The Dead as it moves through a series of darkening moods or the primordial slithering musical morass of hellish opener Crown Of Burning Stars that wants nothing less than to rip out your jugular with jagged riffs that snarl against a drum-quake that sounds like the falling columns of crumbling temples. Crown of Burning Stars, The Cross, Nephthys, Living with the Dead, I Am Your Virus, Screams from My Own Grave