Christiansen, Corey: Lone Prairie (Vinyl LP)

Christiansen, Corey: Lone Prairie (Vinyl LP)

Origin Records

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Still retaining a thoroughly modern jazz aesthetic, guitarist Corey Christiansen here looks to traditional cowboy songs and melodies of the frontier for inspiration, capturing the sweeping vistas of the western landscape through open vamps, searing solos and spacious grooves. With keyboardists Steve Allee & Zach Lapidus, bassist Jeremy Allen, drummer Matt Jorgensen and master percussionist Mike Spiro. Also available on CD.... Christiansen lights a rhythmic fire that never flickers, punctuating chords with precision and soloing with zeal... - Downbeat. Dying Californian, Streets of Laredo, In the Pines, California Widow, Sittin' on Top of the World, El Paso, Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie, Chaparral, Il Grande Massacro, Red River Valley / Bootyard