Aquabats: Super Show - Television Soundtrack: Volume One (Vinyl LP)

Aquabats: Super Show - Television Soundtrack: Volume One (Vinyl LP)

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Vinyl LP pressing. 2019 is going to be the year of the Aquabats. After a very successful Kickstarter campaign that generated well over half a million dollars, the band was able to acquire the rights for their Emmy-award winning creation, The Aquabats Super Show. What does that mean for the cadets worldwide? Long held in a secret vault in the clutches of a TV studio's tower, the Aquabats and their fans jumped into action and they can now set the long-awaited 27 song opus free! The Super Show Television Soundtrack Volume 1 is the first original music from the Aquabats since 2011's Hi-Five Soup! (Fearless Records). The Aquabats add a new chapter to their genre-defying, high-energy, infectiously melodic heroism in a way that only they can. Super Show Theme Song!, Doing Science!, Cobraman Theme!, Showtime!, Feel My Steel!, Cowboy Android Theme!, Manant! Fight!, Burger Rain!, Beat Fishin'!, Space Bees!, Guy Stuff!, The Aquabats! Will Be Right Back!, Tiny Burgers!, And Now...!, We Got This!, I Summon the Dude Theme!, Personal Property!, Don't Break My Heart!, The Good Life!, Bye Bye the World Pass Us By!, Summertime!, Baby Baby!, B.R.O.!, Robot Dreams!, Lady in the Corner!, Winging It!, Don't Stop!