Various Artists: Rubble Kings: The Album (Vinyl LP)

Various Artists: Rubble Kings: The Album (Vinyl LP)

Mass Appeal

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Limited vinyl LP pressing. With too many TV channels and nothing good on, entertainment companies have turned up the quality on miniseries and independent films. One of the standouts this year was Rubble Kings. It focused on NYC gangs and early hip hop culture during the 1970's. And now Mass Appeal Records is putting out the official album that will complement the storytelling of the film. Little Shalimar, who scored the film, also produced the album, using music straight from the film as well as sampling it to make new tracks. It features Run The Jewels, Bun B, Ghostface Killah, Tunde Adebimpe, Mr. Muthaf*kin eXquire, Boldy James, Cuz Lightyear, Ka, and Roxiny. War, Savage Habits - Cuz Lightyear, Warrior Thing - Exquire, Bouncy 3, The Revolution Might Be Televised, Delaney Card - Ka, Edge of the Edge, Rubble Kings Theme - Run the Jewels, Partytime (Jitter Buggin), Comes with the Territory, Same Damn Thing - Boldy James, The Piano District (Gentrification Boogie), Phoenix - Tunde Adebimpe