Live At Third Man Recordsby Autolux (Vinyl Record)

Autolux: Live At Third Man Records (Vinyl LP)

Third Man Records

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It's no stretch to say that Carla Azar is one of America's greatest living drummers. Intuitive, skilled, and perched quite comfortably on the extremely thin line between high energy and total entropy. All too often the title is heaped upon some goofball doing blast beats, rambling about breakdowns and power violence, all can easily be mistaken for the sounds of a scratched CD. Lucky for us and lucky for every pair of ears the whole world over, Third Man doesn't buy into that nonsense. And CD's? Scratched or brand spankin' new, they're not our preferred medium. Soft Scene, Plantlife, Subzero Fun, Brainwasher, Anonymous, Blanket, Capital Kind of Strain, Listen to the Order, Hamster Suite, Reappearing