Constant Nothing / Christmas Cardby Joyce Manor (Vinyl Record)

Joyce Manor: Constant Nothing / Christmas Card (7-Inch Single)

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Joyce Manor come correct. Two records deep into their career and it's clear that they're torchbearers of a style one could trace back to The Ergs or Jawbreaker, depending on what coast you favor. Theirs is a blend of poppy punk blast and high voltage heart sore immediacy that always lands a hit. The songs are short, sweet and say their piece in step with lyrics that read like a tour diary exorcism hangover - no joke. It makes good sense that they would tackle Cody, their 2016 full-length, with producer Rob Schanpf at the helm. His work with Guided by Voices, Saves the Day and Elliott Smith is an ideal resume given the raw materials at hand. Their recording from the Blue Room, their first official live release, features a sold-out crowd and full-bodied, frenetic live versions of 'Constant Nothing,' from their 2011 self-titled LP as well as 'Christmas Card' from their Pitchfork-approved 2014 LP Never Hung over Again. Simply put, one of the best crowds we've ever hosted at TMR. About 30 seconds into 'Christmas Card,' there's a really special moment where vocalist Barry Johnson steps back from the mic and the hollering crowd jumps up to fi ll in the gaps and turn the chorus inside out. This moment is what live shows are all about and speaks to the greatest skill of the Torrence, CA, four-piece - connecting with their fans on a level other newcomers can only dream about. Constant Nothing, Christmas Card