Synthetic Id: Impulses (Vinyl LP)

Synthetic Id: Impulses (Vinyl LP)


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Limited vinyl LP pressing. 2016 release from the San Francisco-based post-punk band. Hermetically sealed punk broadcast from a bunker. This guitar is untying a knot of wires; vocals like watching a fight where two men exchange tit-for-tat face blows. Surgical drums; bass grown under glass. The occasional synthesizer like you didn't know you were thirsty till water crossed your lips. Wound tight, lock-jawed; no rust on these gears. Chilly production crystallizes these post-apocalyptic poems from San Francisco. - John Dwyer. Blind Spots, The Shape Is Drawn, The Caged Brain, Replacement Parts, A False Awakening, Note for Note, Is the Day Done, Ciphers, Changing Frequencies, Silhouettes, Forced Exhalations, An Interpose, I See Patterns