Slackers: Redlight (20th Anniversary Edition) (Vinyl LP)

Slackers: Redlight (20th Anniversary Edition) (Vinyl LP)

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Long out-of-print, this classic sophomore album by one of the greatest ska bands ever has been given the proper 20th anniversary treatment. This is a must-have for any SLACKERS fan, regardless of whether you own the original or not. Having been re-mastered for and pressed on 180gram vinyl Redlight has never sounded as good. And with a two-color foil stamped cover, exclusive art print insert, and lyric sleeve - it's never looked so good either! Cooking for Tommy, Watch This, Married Girl, I Still Love You, Soldier, Fried Chicken / Mary Mary, You Must Be Good, Redlight, Tin Tin Deo, She Wants to Be Alone, Rude and Reckless, Come Back Baby