So Many Hoops So Little Timeby Hideout (Vinyl Record)

Hideout: So Many Hoops So Little Time (Vinyl LP)

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Vinyl LP pressing. 2017 release. Hideout is Manhattan-based songwriter Gabriel Rodriguez, who's also a longtime band member of Cults. It's been two years since the release of Hideout's debut album Rookie, and in that time many things have changed for Rodriguez. Most tragically, the passing of his brother. So Many Hoops/So Little Time deals with grief in different spectrums - the album ranges both sonically and lyrically from whimsical space-pop to crushing acoustic vulnerability. There isn't a singular concept or message, but the deeper you delve into Hideout's world the more you feel nostalgia and a sense of loss. Emotionally charged, he turned to the art of songwriting and storytelling to help navigate through the many answerless questions. Lead single 'Doctor' is a triumphant psych-pop groove, driven by a rock-solid rhythm section and beautified by lots of gorgeous high-end twinkling I Got Your Message, Doctor, Space Girl, See You Around, Rose Water, Always on the Run, We All Go Down Together, Sun Gazer, Some Things Missing, When the Music Stops