Brave Talesby Richard Bone (Vinyl Record)

Richard Bone: Brave Tales (Vinyl LP)

Medical Records

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Medical's fourth reissue from the UK's Survival Records (see also the simultaneously released ECT Vol 4 compilation) is Richard Bone's cult classic 1983 LP Brave Tales. Richard is considered one of the founding members of the New York electronic scene. This is the first time the LP has been reissued on vinyl. The album is a quirky and bombastic synth pop / new wave masterpiece. Containing such hook-filled tracks as Alien Girl and Monster Movie, the LP is a great listen front to back and will dazzle even the most discerning dance floor. Contains original reproduction artwork and remastered by Martin Bowes at the Cage, UK. A1. Mambopolis, A2. Sordid Affair, A3. Vampire in Chinatown, A4. Invisible Guy, A5. Prelude to Mothra, A6. Monster Movie, B1. Men with Secrets, B2. Alien Girl, B3. Nikral Nikral, B4. Mutant Wisdom, B5. Honoluai, B6. Jig Saw Heart