Kovacs, Ernie: Presents Percy Dovetonsils (Vinyl LP)

Kovacs, Ernie: Presents Percy Dovetonsils (Vinyl LP)

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Ernie Kovacs Percy Dovetonsils - Out of all the skewed and visionary comedy that Ernie Kovacs created in the '50s and early '60s, his effete poet Percy Dovetonsils is among the most enduring. Percy must have been among Kovacs' favorite characters to perform, since he recorded an entire album of Dovetonsils' whimsical odes, Percy Dovetonsils . We can not insure a colored vinyl disc and we can not insure a vinyl picture disc for this title ... Ernie Kovacs Presents Percy Dovetonsils Thpeaks on vinyl. Intro 0:51, Ode to Stanley's Pussycat 3:00, Ode to Mona Lisa 0:17, Lament from a Germ's Eye Viewpoint 2:52, Ode to the Happier Days of the Roman Coliseum 2:00, Ode to Whistler's Mother 0:28, Thoughts While Falling Off the Empire State Building 2:35, Side One Closing 0:30, Some Pertinent Thoughts of Julius Caesar While He Was Being Assasinated 3:12, Ode to Sam the Taller of the Two Monkeys 0:49, Ode to a House Fly 2:05, Ode to An Emotional Italian Knight 0:47, Happy Birthday to a Book Worm 2:09, The Night Before Christmas on New York's Fashionable East Side 4:08, Cowboy 0:32, Side Two Closing 0:28, Roughing It Interview (From Kovacs Unlimited 12/11/52) 5:48, A Day at the Races (From Kovacs Unlimited 5/26/54) 4:32, Ode to a Worm's Eye View (From Kovacs Unlimited 6/14/54) 5:45, Ode to a Hangman's Noose (From Kovacs Unlimited 6/28/54) 4:33, At Home (With Lorelei Latour) (From Kovacs Unlimited 12/24/53) 6:30, Poem for Edith Adams (From Kovacs Unlimited 11/18/52) 3:10