Complete Chris Bellby Chris Bell (Vinyl Record)

Chris Bell: Complete Chris Bell (Vinyl LP)

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All I See Is You - Icewater, Looking Forward - Icewater, The Reason - The Wallabys, Oh My Soul (Backing Track) - Icewater, Feeling High (Alternate Backing Track) - The Wallabys, Feeling HIgh - Rock City, Sunshine - Rock City, Psychedelic Stuff - Rock City, A Chance To Live - Rock City, Germany (Backing Track) - Rock City, All I See Is You (Alternate Backing Track) - Rock City, Think It's Time To Say Goodbye - Chris Bell, I Lost A Love - Chris Bell, My Life Is Right - Chris Bell, Lovely Lady - Chris Bell, The Answer - Chris Bell, Introduction - Chris Bell, The Wind Will Cry For Me - Chris Bell, Sunday Organ - Chris Bell, The Preacher - Chris Bell, Shine On Me - Chris Bell, Try Again (Alternate Mix) - Chris Bell, I Am The Cosmos - Chris Bell, Better Save Yourself - Chris Bell, Speed Of Sound - Chris Bell, Get Away - Chris Bell, Make A Scene - Chris Bell, Look Up - Chris Bell, I Kinda Got Lost - Chris Bell, There Was A Light - Chris Bell, Fight At The Table, I Don't Know, Though I Know She Lies, You And Your Sister, I Am The Cosmos (Extended Alternate Version), Better Save Yourself (Alternate Mix), Speed Of Sound (Alternate Version), Get Away (Alternate Version), You And Your Sister (Alternate Version), Look Up (Acoustic Move Mix), Make A Scene (Alternate Mix), Fight At The Table (Alternate Mix), I Don't Know (Alternate Version), Speed Of Sound (Alternate Version Backing Track), You And Your Sister (Acoustic Versoin), Untitled Acoustic Instrumental (Movie MIx), Stay With Me, In My Darkest Hour, So Long Baby (aka Clacton Rag), Fight At The Table (Outtake With Partial Vocal), You And Your Sister (Country Underdub Mix), Get Away (Outtake Track), Better Save Yourself (Outtake Track), I Am The Cosmos (Alternate Backing Track With Piano), Untitled Electric Instrumental (Movie Mix), Interview With Barry Ballard London 1975 Part 1, Interview With Barry Ballard London 2975 Part 2, Though I Know She Lies (Movie Mix), I Am The Cosmos (Acoustic Mix)