Between the Buried and Me: Automata I (Vinyl LP)

Between the Buried and Me: Automata I (Vinyl LP)

Sumerian Records

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Vinyl LP pressing. This is the first installment of Between The Buried and Me's epic two-part eighth studio effort and their introductory offering for Sumerian Records. Automata marks the band's first proper double LP-spanning concept album and it finds the North Carolina quintet expanding their ever-evolving style and smashing boundaries once again.Every single week music comes and goes. We can get music instantly and with this luxury, the listener has a hard time sitting down with albums and exploring their every twist and turn, says frontman Tommy Rogers. Because of this, we have decided to release our new album in two parts. Our music is dense and our albums are very long, so we want to give people two separate moments to dive in this year and explore new music that we've put our entire being into... All of our music should build up to the newest record. That's what happens with Automata. You can take little snippets from our past throughout this album. It sounds like Between the Buried and Me, but it's still new. We hope to keep the music industry on it's toes. This is part of doing that. Condemned to the Gallows, House Organ, Yellow Eyes, Millions, Gold Distance, Blot