Mournby Mourn (Vinyl Record)

Mourn: Mourn (Vinyl LP)

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Mourn is a very young quartet formed from the friendship of Jazz Rodreguez Bueno and Carla Parez Vas- both born in 1996 in El Maresme, Catalonia, Spain. The duo armed themselves with inspiration from PJ Harvey, Patti Smith, Sebadoh and Sleater Kinney and began writing material, which they quickly released on their YouTube channel. Despite being teenagers, earlier this year they came out of the studio (along with drummer Antonio Postius and bassist Leia Rodreguez ) with a brilliant treatise of indie rock that has stunned those who have had the opportunity to listen to it. Your Brain is Made Of Candy, Dark issues, Philliphius, Misery Factory, Otitis, You don't Know me, Maeshall, Squirrel, Jack, Silver Gold