Luna: Long Players 92-99 (Vinyl LP)

Luna: Long Players 92-99 (Vinyl LP)

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LONG PLAYERS 92-99 - Luna - The Luna Long Players Box Set gathers the band's five albums from the 90's as well as a compilation of demos and B-sides recorded contemporaneously. They are all housed in a beautiful textured canvas box. Accompanying the records is a 12 x 12 book featuring archival imagery, an interview with Dean Wareham conducted by Noah Baumbach, and an oral history with the band and their producers. As the majority of these records were never released on vinyl outside of limited pressings, this is a boon to longtime fans and new listeners alike. Long Players 92-99 (6 x LP + Book) (Limited Edition) Slide, Anesthesia, Slash Your Tires, Crazy People, Time, Smile, I Can't Wait, Hey Sister, I Want Everything, Time to Quit, Goodbye, We're Both Confused, California (All the Way), Tiger Lily, Friendly Advice, Bewitched, This Time Around, Great Jones Street, Going Home, Into the Fold, I Know You Tried, Sleeping Pill, Chinatown, Sideshow By the Seashore, Moon Palace, Double Feature, 23 Minutes in Brussels, Lost in Space, Rhythm King, Kalamazoo, Hedgehog, Freakin' and Peakin', Ihop, Beautiful View, Pup Tent, Bobby Peru, Beggar's Bliss, Tracy I Love You, Whispers, City Kitty, The Creeps, Fuzzy Wuzzy, Dear Diary, Hello Little One, The Old Fashioned Way, Four Thousand Days, Seven Steps to Satan, Superfreaky Memories, Math Wiz, Words Without Wrinkles, The Rustler, U.S. Out of My Pants!, The Slow Song, Sweet Child O' Mine, Egg Nog, Indian Summer, Ride Into the Sun, That's What You Always Say, Anesthesia (Demo), In the Flesh, Bonnie and Clyde, I Know You Tried (Demo), Roll in the Sand, Dear Paulina