Rancid: B Sides & C Sides (7-Inch Single)

Rancid: B Sides & C Sides (7-Inch Single)

Pirate Press Records

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While these didn't end up on the studio albums, these tracks each hold true in their own right, and together as a collection really show an interesting progression through the first 15 years of Rancid. While it is available on CD, this is your first chance to grab most of these hidden gems and fill out your Rancid collection on vinyl. This set also includes Rancid's 1992 self-titled 7 EP (PIR060). 7 pack is bound together with a collectible, printed, faux leather obi-strip and is limited to 1,000 copies. Just a Feeling, Brixton, I Wanna Riot, Blast 'Em, That's Entertainment, The Brothels, Devil's Dance, Clockwork Orange, Empros Lap Dog, 100 Years, Things to Come, Tattoo, Endrina, Stop, Kill the Lights, White Knuckle Ride, Sick Sick World, Ben Zanotto, Dead and Gone, Stranded, Killing Zone, I'm Not the Only One, Battering Ram, The Sentence, Media Controller, Idle Hands