Live in San Franciscoby Icky Boyfriends (Vinyl Record)

Icky Boyfriends: Live in San Francisco (Vinyl LP)


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Vinyl LP pressing. LIVE IN SAN FRANCISCO was recorded masterfully by the Castle Face engineers team at the grand SF Eagle. 'You like anchovies? Morning breath? Dried blood? the sun-up residue after a night of hard drugs? Well, you're gonna love Icky Boyfriends.' Intro Bit, 22 Fillmore, Miss Nevada, Cuckoo, Ecophobia, My Disciples, I'm Not Fascinating, Frank's Mom, Don't Read the Bay Guardian, I Was..., Toenails, Even Richard Nixon's Got a Soul, Bay Colony Baby, Rock ; Roll Asshole, Resurrection Ale, Pigs 1, Pigs 2, No Duh, Drug War