No Devotion: Permanence (Vinyl LP)

No Devotion: Permanence (Vinyl LP)

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Double vinyl LP pressing. When No Devotion's first single literally dropped out of nowhere on the last day of June 2014 - with the help of BBC Radio 1's much-loved Rock Show - it's safe to say that most of the world was caught off guard. Geoff Rickly, the Brooklyn-based former Thursday front man, had been keeping busy in the public eye with his politically satirical punk outfit United Nations, but there was no inkling that he had been working on anything else - much less a new band with the former musical base of Lostprophets, one of the UK's most successful rock bands of decade. Yet Stay delivered a widescreen debut for the band, making it's way onto the Official UK Charts, and the band rounded out the year with a second single, two UK tours (including one with Rickly's old friend Gerard Way), and the promise of a full-length album. That part, it seems, took a little more time than they imagined. The end result is Permanence - an album as ambitious and expansive as it's name suggests. Break, Permanent Sunlight, Eyeshadow, Why Can't I Be with You?, I Wanna Be Your God, Death Rattle, 10000 Summers, Night Drive, Stay, Addition, Grand Central