Apprentice Destroyer: Glass Ceiling Universe (Vinyl LP)

Apprentice Destroyer: Glass Ceiling Universe (Vinyl LP)


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Vinyl LP pressing. Recorded one track at a time at Guitar Center, completely in secret, Apprentice Destroyer's debut Glass Ceiling Universe transcends its intriguing concept to highlight a hyperactive and omnivorous talent within. These wide-ranging, kaleidoscopic instrumental compositions veer from the disorienting complex to the achingly and delicately beautiful, all the while maintaining a metallic, misanthropic edge. It's almost as if computers were playing to each other across the sales floor, laughing at the puny humans attempting to create harmonics in air when they can do so perfectly in the vacuum of binary. Glass Ceiling Universe is lifestyle music for all the cyborg assassins out there, and it's out on Castle Face Records. Chrome Temple, Glass Ceiling Universe, Jovian Sky, Downward to Greendeep, Pulse Garden, The Cloud Fortress, Desert Light, Metamammal, Chromosome Choir, Welcome Destroyer