Weezer (the Blue Album)by Weezer (Vinyl Record)

Weezer: Weezer (the Blue Album) (Vinyl LP)

Mobile Fidelity

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Limited 180gm Solid Blue vinyl LP pressing. Mastered from the original master tapes, Mobile Fidelity's numbered limited-edition pressing of the 1994 release Rolling Stone named the 297th greatest album ever recorded finally possesses the grand-scale sonics that the music's bunker-busting hooks deserve. Weezer doesn't look like rock stars, it's amusing name doesn't evoke stadium-heights glories, and the group's lyrics don't exude confidence or flash. For precisely these reasons-and the fact that the band's songs on it's self-titled debut are the stuff of air-guitar dreams and shout-it-out choruses-the quartet became ironic arena-rock stars equally embraced by in-the-know hipsters and mainstream listeners. Replete with urgent melodies, wry humor, and gargantuan hooks, Weezer (Blue Album) remains the best geek-rock record ever made. Addressing jealous insecurities, pop culture, true life heartbreak, common accidents, youthful misconceptions, and daydreaming with unassuming candor, the album's catchy songs have become anthems for multiple generations. It's why the group's first record remains universally beloved as it celebrates it's 20th anniversary. Cars frontman Ric Ocasek's polished production is now both free of artificial ceilings that squashed the explosive dynamics and rid of the compression that saddled the frequency range. Instrumental separation is vastly improved, and the amount of midrange energy seemingly doubled. Rivers Cuomo and Matt Sharp's tandem vocals receive a barbershop-quartet harmonic boost in line with the bubblegum appeal of the guitar-driven bridges and rhythmic foundations. Guaranteed to help you rock out, this analog reissue is a front-row ticket to endless fun. A1 My Name Is Jonas 3:23, A2 No One Else 3:14, A3 the World Has Turned and Left Me Here 4:26, A4 Buddy Holly 2:40, A5 Undone (The Sweater Song) 4:55, B1 Surf Wax America 3:04, B2 Say It Ain't So 4:18, B3 in the Garage 3:56, B4 Holiday 3:26, B5 Only in Dreams 8:03