J-Dilla ( Jay Dee ): Jay Stay Paid (Vinyl LP)

J-Dilla ( Jay Dee ): Jay Stay Paid (Vinyl LP)

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A mind-blowing double LP collection of unreleased J Dilla tracks mixed by Pete Rock that contain the missing links to Dilla's musical legacy. Album features vocal appearances from Black Thought (The Roots), Doom, M.O.P., and more. Kjay FM Dedication, King, I Told Yall, Lazer Gunne Funk, In the Night/While You Slept (I Crept), Smoke, Blood Sport, Cadillac, Expensive Whip, Kaklow (Jump on It), Digi Dirt, Dilla Bot Vs. the Hybrid, Milk Money, Spacecowboy Vs. Bobble Head, Reality TV, On Stilts, Fire Wood Drumstix, Glamour Sho75 (09), 10000 Watts, 9th Caller, Make It Fast [Unadultered Mix], 24K Rap, Big City, Pay Day, See That Boy Fly, Coming Back, Mythsysizer, Kjay and We Out