Frightnrs: Nothing More To Say (Vinyl LP)

Frightnrs: Nothing More To Say (Vinyl LP)


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Vinyl LP pressing. The Frightnrs escort Daptone into the world of long-playing reggae with both the sweetest and the roughest record of the decade. Crafted under the meticulous eye of black-belt reggae mastermind/producer Victor Axelrod (AKA Ticklah), Nothing More to Say is a rocksteady masterpiece the likes of which has not reared it's head since the golden era of Studio One. However, you'll find no imitation here - none of the faux-jamaican cliches of lesser reggae bands. Like all things Daptone, this record is above all soulful and honest. All My Tears, Nothing More to Say, Gotta Find a Way, What Have I Done, Purple, Trouble in Here, Till Then, Lookin' for My Love, Hey Brother (Do Unto Others), Gonna Make Time, Dispute