Long Player Late Bloomerby Ron Sexsmith (Vinyl Record)

Ron Sexsmith: Long Player Late Bloomer (Vinyl LP)


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Canadian LP + CD pressing. Produced by Bob Rock [Metallica, Bon Jovi and Michael Buble], 'Long Player Late Bloomer' is Ron's eleventh studio album and was recorded in Los Angeles, Toronto and Vancouver. The album features a star-studded cast of musicians, including guitarist Rusty Anderson [Paul McCartney], bassist Paul Bushnell [Elton John, No Doubt], keyboard player Jamie Edwards [Aimee Mann] and drummer Josh Freese [Devo, Nine Inch Nails] Get in Line, The Reason Why, Believe It When I See It, Miracles, No Help at All, Late Bloomer, Heavenly, Michael and His Dad, Middle of Love, Everytime I Follow, Eye Candy, Love Shines, Nowadays