Various Artists: Local Customs: Downriver Revival (Vinyl LP)

Various Artists: Local Customs: Downriver Revival (Vinyl LP)


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There's a Light - Shirley Ann Lee, Sinner Man - the Gospel Supremes, Peace on Earth - Coleman Family, Walk with Me - Calvin Cooke, I Shall Not Be Moved - Shirley Ann Lee, Take Care of Us - Revelation, Foot Stumping [Alternate Take] - Organics, While You Were Gone - Combinations, Wade in the Water - Apostles of Music, Heaven - Deliverance Echoes, On the Way - Bobby Cook ; the Explosions, How Can I Lose - Shirley Ann Lee, Running Mod - the Young Generation, Ridin' High - Bobby Quartet Cook, Every Year Carries a Number - Mighty Voices of Wonder, Please Accept My Prayer - Shirley Ann Lee, What Happens to People - Calvin Cooke, People Has It Hard - Coleman Family, Round N' Round - Junior Mays Group, He Never Failed - Pilgrim Wonders, He'll Make a Way - Mighty Walker Brothers, Power of God - Voices of Deliverance, Downriver Revival [DVD], The Power of God