Resistance: Rise from Treason (7-Inch Single)

Resistance: Rise from Treason (7-Inch Single)

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Limited seven inch vinyl pressing of this 2013 EP. The Resistance is not a super-group, or a side project. It is a band; it's a gang, embracing the musical attitude and sounds of Swedish old school death metal and the old no compromise values of hardcore. With in Flames founding member (and main songwriter until his departure in 2010) Jesper Strömblad, together with another ex member of in Flames, Glenn Ljungström, vocalist Marco Aro (ex-The Haunted, Facedown) and drummer Chris Barkensjö (ex-Kaamos, ex-Grave), the band members CV is as heavy as the sound of their new musical adventure. Shredding guitar riffs, blasting beats and screaming out a lot of anger, The Resistance will take no prisoners and make no compromises with their old school death-metal. My Fire, Face to Face, Rise from Treason, Slugger