Dirges At Carrion Dawnby Ritual Suicide (Vinyl Record)

Ritual Suicide: Dirges At Carrion Dawn (12-Inch Single)

Forever Plagued

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Ritual Suicide - Dirges At Carrion Dawn 10 MLP After 2 full lengths and a few demo recordings comes the newest demo of underground vampiric terror and purveyor of human suffering, RITUAL SUICIDE. 3 new tracks that worship the old ways of black metal and keeper of the true roots there of. No fancy studios, no gimmicks, just natural disdain for everything that black metal has become and of course genuine disgust for the living. If you are looking for the next Deathspell Omega clone, we strongly advise you to keep looking, because it won't be found here. Limited to 300 copies When Plague Comes Along, Reapers of a Mortus Dirge, After the Pyre