A Moon for Diggingby Garden Centre (Vinyl Record)

Garden Centre: A Moon for Digging (Vinyl LP)

Kanine Records

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Garden Centre is led by a truly unique individual, Max Levy from Brighton, England. While he has previous releases covering deconstructed thoughts and feelings and energy drink consumption, A Moon For Digging, out November 1, 2019 on Kanine Records, is his first effort recorded with a full band. Described as A lo-fi pleasure (Too Many Blogs) and An indie pop project... for people with short attention spans (Vice), Garden Centre mixes elements of punk, indie, and minimal folk to create a sweetness of melody with a taught narrative thread running through. While the album is not strictly thematically uniform, Levy reveals his fascination with finding something underground: We don't just dig for treasure. We dig holes to put people in when they are dead, we dig holes to hide in, to put our secrets in and we dig holes we can't get out of by doing things we regret. A Moon for Digging is like a series of interconnected pits. It an optimistic record for fans of Daniel Johnston, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Graham Coxon, and Neutral Milk Hotel. Naked Ape, Super Moon, Lucky Guy, Parasite, Wheelie, Sorry Feeling Heart, Spill Our Wine, Wide Sea, Get Drunk