Blow By Blowby Jeff Beck (Vinyl Record)

Jeff Beck: Blow By Blow (Vinyl LP)

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Limited edition 180gm gold colored vinyl LP pressing. Jeff Beck's position in the pantheon of great electric guitarists is indisputable. A rare breed of guitarist like Chuck Berry and Jimi Hendrix, Beck is not only compelling for what he plays, but for how he plays it. While some guitar players use racks of gear to create sound, Beck prefers a simple, natural approach that emphasizes manual dexterity over gadgets. Like few guitarists before him, Beck plays the entire guitar. Using his fingers instead of a guitar pick for greater speed and control over the fretboard, Beck adds deft twists of the volume and tone knobs to shape the notes as he's playing them and further bends sounds into a rubbery tangle with his controlled cruelty on the whammy bar. You Know What I Mean, She's a Woman, Constipated Duck, Air Blower, Scatterbrain, Cause We've Ended As Lovers 5:51, Thelonius, Freeway Jam, Diamond Dust