Parangatangby Free Blood (Vinyl Record)

Free Blood: Parangatang (12-Inch Single)

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This record is the finale in the three-part 12-inch single project from Brooklyn's Free Blood. First up is the club-friendly 'Parangatang'. Broken house beats with increasingly hectic vibes are accompanied by an old-time piano melody as the duo continues their onslaught of head-scratchingly unique pop singles that maintain a fierce rhythmic consistency. The original is followed by Tummy Touch Records' Tim 'Love' Lee's remix. Lee strips away all but the essentials and adds a heady analog synth melody in place of most of the vocals, creating a proper dance dub version. Finally, Scotty Coats and Wes the Mes offer a punkfunk version of 'Weekend Condition' that has risen to the status of 'best remix ever made' at Rong's office. Super bad club music with a crafty, superb bass-line to drive it. Parangatang, Parangatang (Tim 'Love' Lee Mix), Weekend Condition, Weekend Condition (Scotty Coats and Wes the Mes Mix)