Mock & Toof: Underwater (Vinyl LP)

Mock & Toof: Underwater (Vinyl LP)

Dfa Records

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Mock & Toof were infamously discovered by DFA many years ago via an MP3 demo emailed to the website address (which later became their debut Death from Abroad single, Brownbred). on this release, the pair finally makes it's proper DFA debut with the elastic dance pop single, Underwater. Since this enigmatic English duo began corresponding with DFA, they started their own label Tiny Sticks, released 20 singles, and were immediately commissioned to do remixes for the Juan MacLean and Hot Chip, as well as Maps, Scissor Sisters, Sia, Box Codax, and Kissogram. Forthcoming remixes include Hold On by Holy Ghost! And Hold On by Hot Chip. Underwater, Underwater (Alt. Dub Version)