Endorphinby Infected Rain (Vinyl Record)

Infected Rain: Endorphin (Vinyl LP)


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Vinyl LP pressing housed in a gatefold sleeve. Maybe Moldova wasn't exactly been an extreme metal hotspot a couple of years back - but that sure as hell changed when Infected Rain appeared: After a handful of mind-boggling releases and stunning live shows at the biggest international festivals the unpredictable five-piece is now ready for the ultimate leap with Endorphin! The previously released 'The Earth Mantra' is an unrelenting baring of the teeth, full of twisted time signatures, haunting whispers and promises of a better future for our world. Hypnotic and violently twitching 'Lure' is another prime example of Lena's out-of-this- world vocals, lethally groovy riffs and mesmerizing, psychotic elements. Let's not be silly and claim that the future belongs to Infected Rain - because they simply ARE the future!