Axolotes Mexicanos: Holi (12-Inch Single)

Axolotes Mexicanos: Holi (12-Inch Single)

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Limited 10 white vinyl pressing. It's impressive to see the freshness and the attitude of Axolotes Mexicanos. After their debut Single, the moment has finally arrived for their first full-length. The album is surprising right from the title and with it's front cover and liner, which show clear tendencies toward the J-pop that came out of Tokyo's Shibuya district. Olaya Pedrayes, Stephen Lyne and Juan Pedrayes are beginning to show US their cards, among which there are clearly a good number of aces, the first of which is their unbiased, untroubled, and iconoclastic punk philosophy, and the second of which is this fantastic album full of hedonism and color. Disparo de Amor, Te Miro Mientras Duermes, Perro Salchicha, El Basurero, Interestelar, Villalpando, Disparo de Amor, Hay Una China Que Vive en Mi Piso