Tuma, Giorgio: This Life Denied Me Your Love (Vinyl LP)

Tuma, Giorgio: This Life Denied Me Your Love (Vinyl LP)

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Limited white vinyl LP pressing including digital download. 2016 release. This Life Denied Me Your Love has a complex and diverse production, with the intervention of up to five different producers. The majority of the songs were produced by Matilde Davoli, one of the emerging figures of electronic shoegaze in Italy, whose sound defines songs like Mat Matite and Two Half Moons, among the atmospheric evanescence of bands like Broadcast or even the forgotten The United States Of America. Another name that is an important protagonist as a pilot of this spaceship is Stefano Manca, a regular on Tuma's recent releases and inseparable partner in numerous musical adventures. Matias Tellez's - leader of Young Dreams and in charge of the controls on the last Sondre Lerche and Kakkmaddafakka albums - participation deserves a special mention on My Last Tears Will Be A Blue Melody and with the deep participation of Michael Andrews as important multi-instrumentalist and arranger on three songs; Populous (one of the most reputable names in Italian electronica right now) on All These Snowy Days In Farö; and Stephen Kaye (who has worked with people like Ziggy Marley, Zooey Deschanel, Mayer Hawthorne, Alicia Keys, Cee-lo Green and HAIM) sound engineer for all the Mike Andrews instruments recorded and mix engineer on Release From The Centre Of Your Heart. This collection of names is proof of the complexity of the sublime production, and makes This Life Denied Me Your Love have a cathartic and hypnotic effect, presented almost like an emotional trip to outer space, pleasant and disturbing at the same time, creating almost unprecedented ambiances. The Wings of a Loser (Feat. Matilde Davoli), Two Half Moons (Feat. Michael Andrews ; Matilde Davoli), Maude Hope (Feat. Laetitia Sadier ; Michael Andrews), Release from the Centre of Your Heart (Feat. Laetitia Sadier ;, Foxes Don't Lie (Feat. Matilde Davoli), Bright Hugs (Feat. Lori Cullen ; Michael Andrews), Mountain Elia K, All These Snowy Days in FÅRÖ (Feat. Populous), All These Snowy Days in FÅRÖ II (Feat. Matilde Davoli), Mat Matite (Feat. Matilde Davoli), The Holy Warmth (Feat. Lori Cullen), My Last Tears Will Be a Blue Melody (Feat. Matias Tellez ; Lori, In Back of You