Neleonard: Las Causas Perdidas (Vinyl LP)

Neleonard: Las Causas Perdidas (Vinyl LP)

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Clear vinyl LP limited to 500 with download. We are really excited to share this album with you. And you know it. Since a little over a year and a half ago, we have been dishing out a few select songs by Neleonard, and we were dying to show you everything this group - formed by Nele, Laura, Elena, Guille, Eloy and Pedro - can do. And the time has finally arrived, with Las Causas Perdidas. This album has that elegant pop spirit that is highly emotional, subtle, delicate, and that shows the fragility of what it is to be human. With the upbeat opening of Reluces, with clear echoes of THE DIVINE COMEDY, we see it clearly. Those beyond perfect arrangements that mark a crescendo that is more than musical: En tu casa he oído que vives sin ti / Sintiendo lo cerca que estamos del cielo (I heard that you live in your house without yourself / Feeling how close we are to heaven). Rebirth, reestablishment, believing in new opportunities, enjoying the feeling of security that someone gives you and that makes everything shine again. And when La Más Alegre starts, we have the first direct hit. Optimism in it's purest form. Luminosity. LA BIEN QUERIDA. The strength necessary to enjoy life. We have already talked a lot about Coger Frío, in a good way, from the advance single, with that tart but colorful push that Darren Hayman really likes to use. Seguro Que Es Por Mí let's itself sink into the arms of melancholy for a moment, to accept the troubles and heartaches of life. This step backwards is needed to take a new leap forward. And that leap is Menos de Mí, which starts with majestic strings. Once again, we can see Neil Hannon, but also Sufjan Stevens, and above all LA BUENA VIDA. It's a total temper tantrum turned into a song. This ability to talk about feelings that burn in day to day relationships and memories. It's just enough to move toward the more crooner side of Neleonard on Tu Fiesta. TINDERSTICKS and Nick Cave. Sobriety, solemnity, anguish, darkness. Raw emotions... Un extraño en tu fiesta (A stranger at your party). Reluces, La MÁS Alegre, Coger Frío, Seguro Que Es Por MÍ, Menos de MÍ, Tu Fiesta, Mariadel, Vivir Como Ellos, Pues Es Verdad, Salvavidas, Ya Ni Cuento, Despedida