Locus Amaenusby Sagrado Corazon De Jesus (Vinyl Record)

Sagrado Corazon De Jesus: Locus Amaenus (12-Inch Single)

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Limited 10 vinyl pressing. 2015 mini album by indie pop singer/songwriter Jesus Fernandez AKA Sagrado Corazón de Jesús. His demos caused a revolution on internet, with their clever lyrics and atypical electro-pop melodies, arranged preciously and intelligently. This release shows all his obsessions; it's a type of evolutionary fantasy talking about the personal, the musical, the religious, and our transformation as a species. It's an album about pop and survival that includes a collaboration with Genís Segarra (Astrud, Hidrogenesse). Etapa Imperial , Las Revistas Científicas Mienten , El Fin De La Era , Manifiesto , La Balada Del Último Neandertal , Novelty Rock , Lugares Comunes