Mas Suicidiosby Cerebros Exprimidos (Vinyl Record)

Cerebros Exprimidos: Mas Suicidios (Vinyl LP)

Munster Records

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In 1990 Munster Records released Mas Suicidios by Cerebros Exprimidos, one of the label's first albums. The band from Majorca had reached beyond their island's borders with a mini-LP on Romilar-D and a cassette that compiled their early demos. They were making a name for themselves within the punk scene thanks to a personal style that blended proto-punk with a classic '77 sound and California punk. At the time there were no other bands in Spain paying tribute to The Controllers. Mas Suicidios, despite a demo-like sound (it was recorded by Vicente Caldentell, an experienced musician who had been a member of Z-66), showed a band that walked confidently between punk and early hardcore. The recent addition of bass player Canete, who came from bands with a faster sound, had provided an extra strength that allowed guitar player Juanmi to unleash his special style that drew equally from Black Flag and the New York Dolls. Jaume's straightforward vocals told stories of maladjustment, rage, and cocky attitude. The album includes the band's own compositions and a cover of The Controllers' Another Day, and echoes Black Flag, The Heartbreakers, and The Replacements. Sleeved in a lysergic cover by Josetxo Ezponda (Los Bichos), the album was almost unanimously received by the press as a breath of fresh air. However, the reception within the most traditional sectors of their own scene was a little colder: too punk rock for hardcore fans, too hardcore for lovers of classic punk rock. Nevertheless, the LP planted a seed that would grow over their next two albums, Bonzomania (1991) and Demencia (1996), which, along Mas Suicidios, would form the holy trinity of the genre in Spain. Munster Records now reissues this piece of history for the first time, with which some guys from Palma managed to shake their island and become the center of attention thanks to the everyday stories of their raw and direct songs. Remastered for this reissue. A1. a Punta de Navaja, A2. Perdí Mi Mente, A3. Enterrado Vivo, A4. MÁS Suicidios, A5. Surfin' Dee Dee, A6. Dentro de MÍ, A7. Zapatos de Piel, B1. El Sueño, B2. Esquizofrenia, B3. La Visita, B4. Arrepiéntete, B5. Tienes Razón, B6. Vacaciones en Siberia, B7. Another Day