Danny Elfman: Batman (Original Motion Picture Score) (Vinyl LP)

Danny Elfman: Batman (Original Motion Picture Score) (Vinyl LP)


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Mondo is honored to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Tim Burton's BATMAN with a reissue of Danny Elfman's original score to the film.Danny Elfman's score to BATMAN is a career defining, monumental achievement in film music - in 1989 Elfman became a household name, when he created this iconic score - and in doing so permanently set the high-water mark for not only the music of Batman, but of superhero films as a whole. The Batman Theme, Roof Fight, First Confrontation, Flowers, Clown Attack, Batman to the Rescue, Roasted Dude, Photos / Beautiful Dreamer, Descent Into Mystery, The Bat Cave, The Joker's Poem, Love Theme, Charge of the Batmobile, Attack of the Batwing, Up the Cathedral, Waltz to the Death, The Final Confrontation, Finale, Batman Theme (Reprise)