Hayasaka, Fumio: Seven Samurai (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Vinyl LP)

Hayasaka, Fumio: Seven Samurai (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Vinyl LP)

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The Seven Samurai (Main Title), To the Little Watermill, Samurai Search, Kanbei ; Katsushiro/Kikuchiyo's Mambo, Rikichi's Tears/White Rice, Two Search for Samurai, Gorobei, Let's Get to It, Fishing for Slippery Fish, Six Samurai, Extraordinary Man, Morning Departure, Journey Landscape/Our Stronghold, Wild Warrior's Coming, Seven Men Completed, Katsushiro ; Shino, Katsushiro Come Back, Bed Change, In the Fores of the Water God, Wheat Field, Kanbei's Anger, Interlude, Harvesting, Rikichi's Trouble, Heihachi ; Rikichi, Farm Village Scenery, Weak Insects Into Samurai Ways, Foreboding of Bandits, To the Night Attack, Flag, Sudden Confrontation, Magnificent Samurai, Bandits Sighted, Kikuchiyo Rises to the Occasion, Reward, Tryst, Manzo ; Shino, Rice Planting Song, Ending, I Live in Fear (Main Titles), Late Night Guitar, Slow Mambo, Slow Rhumba, Preview Main Theme, Star Music, Mambo Melancholia, Duck Mambo, End Titles