This Ol' Warby Coco O'Connor (Vinyl Record)

Coco O'Connor: This Ol' War (Vinyl LP)

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Limited white vinyl LP pressing. 2018 release. I was too rebellious for the industry, Coco O'Connor admits of her years spent in Nashville, a period when the blossoming songwriter felt that she didn't fit into the stubborn confines of the city's legendary music scene. So, she headed out West, to a region where free spirit and eccentricity reigned. But though the mysterious nature of Santa Fe, New Mexico continues to aid CoCo in her songwriting and self-reflection, it wasn't the right place to record an album. For both her debut record Turquoise and her release This Ol' War, CoCo had to rediscover her roots, heading back to the energized hum of Music City. Along with producer Parker Carson, CoCo went against the grain of Nashville to let the songs of This Ol' War breathe over the course of five months. CoCo and Parker created a record that mimics the careful, smooth-like-honey process of country and blues long past. Daddy's Arms, The Devil a Wounded Man and Me, Abilene, This Ol' War, South of Santa Fe, Crenshaw County, Free State of Winston