Avid Dancer: 1st Bath (Vinyl LP)

Avid Dancer: 1st Bath (Vinyl LP)

Grand Jury

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Avid Dancer's debut album 1st Bath out on Grand Jury Records. Avid Dancer is the music project by Jacob Dillan Summers. Jacob Dillan Summers has been many things. A sheltered fundamentalist Christian kid. A world champion drum-line drummer. A marine. A lovesick transplant to icy Alaska. But in July 2014, he was just a man stabbing a nail into his own palm to draw enough blood to paint with. This is the story behind Avid Dancer - the nom de musique under which Summers is releasing his first full-length album 1st Bath. All the Other Girls, Stop Playing with My Heart, All Your Words Are Gone, I Told You So, Not Far to Go, All the Things You Keep, Medication, I Want to See You Dance, Whatever's on Your Mind, Nobody Else, Why Did I Leave You Behind, Up Against the Wall