Positive Euthby Death Valley High (Vinyl Record)

Death Valley High: Positive Euth (Vinyl LP)

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Death Valley High kicks off another rebirth with 2013's POSITIVE EUTH. The band came together in 2010 and introduced the world to their deadly undead rock with their debut album. They hit the road for two national tours and dropped the acclaimed 2011's Doom, In Full Bloom. They scored an Independent Music Award in the category of Best Rock Song for 'Multiply'. In 2012 Band members Reyka Osburn, Adam Bannister, Chris Sanders, and Huffy Hafera retreated to Fantasy Studios to begin work on POSITIVE EUTH. The album, engineered by Jesse Hart Nichols [The Stooges, Ty Segal] and mixed by Eric Stenman [Thrice, Deftones], sees their signature style expand into even deadlier and more dynamic territory. -Rick Florino Bath Salt Party, The Present, How2Kill, Commit to Knife [Explicit], Cinema Verité, Undead Eat Lead [Explicit], A Little Light Conversation, Batdanse, Blood Drive, Not If I See You First [Explicit], Fingernail Marks [Explicit], Re-Animation