Black Map: & We Explode (Vinyl LP)

Black Map: & We Explode (Vinyl LP)

Minus Head Records

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Amongst it's ranks, Black Map includes vocalist and guitarist Ben Flanagan [Trophy Fire], guitar player Mark Engles [Dredg], and drummer Chris Robyn [Far]. It's a formidable three-piece that creates equally formidable music, elegantly striking that elusive balance between heavy and beautiful. On their full-length debut for minus HEAD Records, And We Explode, Black Map charts new territory for it's members and hard rock. Within a month of their first jam session, the trio hit Hellam Sound in Oakland with producer Aaron Hellam behind the board. They cut their independent Driver EP and went on to support Chevelle on tour and play various shows with the likes of (Crosses), Tombs, Pelican, and Kill Devil Hill. In early 2014, they inked a deal with minus HEAD. Now, they're primed to make a massive impact. Code, Chinaski, I'm Just the Driver, Gold, And We Explode Pt. 1, Eyes on the Prize, Melee, Head for the Hills, Gemini, Stranger, Ropes, And We Explode Pt. 2