Incite: Oppression (Vinyl LP)

Incite: Oppression (Vinyl LP)

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Vinyl LP pressing. Nothing compares to live energy. It transfers from the stage to the crowd and back again. Incite harness that spark on their fourth full-length album and highly anticipated 2016 metal release, Oppression. In fact, it's something that the group - Richie Cavalera (vocals), Dru tang Rome (lead guitar), Derek Lennon Lopez (drums), Christopher EL Elsten (bass), and Kevin Dis McAllister (co-writer) - realized in the middle of the cycle supporting their critically acclaimed 2014 offering, Up In Hell. The first single No Remorse steamrolls from a thrashed-out intro into a growling gruff chant. With a blazing lead, it immediately rips and roars to life. Life's Disease sees Richie and Connor Garritty of All Hail The Yeti trade piercing screams over a thudding six-string chug. Speaking of guests SiriusXM host and longtime fan Jose Mangin lends his instantly recognizable scream, Heavy fucking metal to the beginning of I Want It All. Then, there's Stagnant, which wields a pummeling groove like a wrecking ball. Never Surrender, Lost Reality, Stangnant, No Remorse, Oppression, Life's Disease (Feat. Connor Garritty), Forced Into Life, Worst of Me, I Want It All (Feat. Jose Mangin), Silenced