All Hail the Yeti: Screams from a Black Wilderness (Vinyl LP)

All Hail the Yeti: Screams from a Black Wilderness (Vinyl LP)

Minus Head Records

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Vinyl LP pressing. All Hail the Yeti channel a groove that chills and captivates. It's this kind of succinct bludgeoning that turned them into one of Hollywood s most revered modern metal bands evoking the likes of Acid Bath and Pantera with a healthy dose of Mötley Crüe-style excess and infectiousness. It also fuels their self-titled debut now reissued on minus HEAD Records. Since bursting to life in 2006, the group has toured with everybody from In This Moment and Hollywood Undead to Motionless In White and 36 Crazyfists, carving out a fervent diehard fan base in the process. Now, with their forthcoming second full-length album, produced by none other than Matt Hyde [Deftones, Slayer], that groove stands poised to shake the genre to it's core in 2016. Before the Flames, Plague Dance, Let the Night Roar, Mr. Murder (Feat. Brock Lindow), Lady of the Night, Witch Is Dead, Daughter of the Morning Star, Sun Will Never Set, Fall of Core, Breaking the Wheel, Nemisis Queen, Angels Envy, 0