Habitual Love Songsby Battleme (Vinyl Record)

Battleme: Habitual Love Songs (Vinyl LP)

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180 gram vinyl LP pressing includes digital download. Portland by way of Austin and Ohio musician Matt Drenik aka Battleme kicks off 2016 with his third full-length studio album Habitual Love Songs. The new album is the follow up to 2014's Future Runs Magnetic and was co-produced by Drenik and his brother Jason Drenik. They recorded the fourteen song set at Revolver Studios in Portland with the help of Paul Pulvirenti (Elliott Smith, No. 2) on drums and a revolving cast of players, including Chad Savage, JJ Eliot, Colin Hegna (Brian Jonestown Massacre) and William Slater (Grails, Denver). The Post Is Dead, Occupied, All Night All Night, Are You Alive, Shake Shake, The Boat's in Ohio, Go, Love and Slang, Green Trees, Back to You, Red Lips, Speak to Me