Adkins, Hasil: Chicken Walk (Vinyl LP)

Adkins, Hasil: Chicken Walk (Vinyl LP)


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Jambalaya present 14 tracks from the American outsider and legend, Hasil Adkins, titled Chicken Walk. Hasil Adkins was a true American original. Raised in Boone County, West Virginia, the son of a coal miner, Adkins grew up in poverty in a tarpaper shack on coal company property, where he taught himself to play after hearing Hank Williams on the radio. The legend goes that he didn't realize Hank had a band backing him up, and that's why Hasil learned to play guitar and drums at the same time. Adkins wrote tons of amazing original material beginning in the 1950s, which explored an affinity for chicken, sexual intercourse, and decapitation. (Wikipedia). A great collection of those original recordings is presented here. Shake That Thing, Ugly Woman, Let's Slop Tonight, Chicken Walk, She's Mine, Tell Me Baby, If You Want to Be My Baby, Big Fat Mama, Get Out of My Car, Donnio Boogie, Walk and Talk with Me, I Need Your Head, Roll Roll Train, I Don't Want Nobody the Way I Want You