Chron Gen: Chronic Generation (Vinyl LP)

Chron Gen: Chronic Generation (Vinyl LP)

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Formed in 1978 in Letchworth, Hertfordshire, Chron Gen released their classic 'Puppets of War' EP in 1981 and immediately reached number 4 in the indie chart, which gained them the invitation to join the infamous Apocalypse tour in the summer of 1981, along with Discharge, Anti Pasti, Anti Nowhere League, and the Exploited. After a second single on the Step Forwards label, they moved to the legendary Secret label to release one of the best hidden treasures of the whole UK82 movement, their debut LP 'Chronic Generation', according to how All Music defines it one of the most brilliantly brittle concoctions in the entire Oi! Canon! Lies, Jet Boy Jet Girl, Hounds of the Night, LSD, You Make Me Spew, Chronic Generation, Mindless, You'll Never Change Me, Rock a Bill, Friends Tell Me Lies, Reality, Living Next Door to Alice